Thank you for sitting tight over the past few weeks while we worked on rounding out the year with a joint recap to allow a smoother transition into 2021.

From the ZHI team we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe over the holiday period and we see you all back here next year.

Logistical assets.

The M2 Browning Heavy Machine in all its devastating .50 caliber glory, this weapons system will be featuring among our PBR boats, future gun trucks and as a logistics assets.

The Soviet designed 120-PM-43 mortar, a very useful asset within the Logistics assets section for the PAVN force, so that you can clear out or suppress dug in enemy forces.

If you want to supply the guys on the front line with a large amount of supplies, you may choose a Conex box but you’ll need the Chinook to drop this big boy off.


PT-76 Amphibious Light Tank, a PAVN armoured asset to spearhead assaults against US strongpoints.

The iconic bird in the sky over Vietnam, the Huey.

With over 700,000 produced across the world, PAVN forces in the field will be supported by the ever reliable ZIS-150 Logistics and Transport Vehicle.


A Stevens Model 77E, more commonly known as the “Trench Gun” perfect for close quarters.

The PPSH-41 Sub-Machine Gun, infamous for its high rate of fire and robustness. It will feature both the drum and stick mags for all your assaulting needs.

The M79, also known as the “Thumper”, “Blooper Gun”, “Thump Gun”, “Bloop Tube”, “Can Cannon” and the “Elephant Gun”.


Khe Sanh, history buffs among you will recognize the importance of this location during the Vietnam War.

Infamous for being the first large scale helicopter air-assault and enshrined in the movie We Were Soldiers, Ia Drang will be set apart from the rest of our maps as mainly just terrain and foliage.

An Lao our first map nearing completion in terms of detailing then onto the fun part of optimization.

Rice fields for days! OP Masher is slowly having detailing added.

Thank you for supporting us throughout 2020, we hope you like what you’re seeing and hope you’ll continue to support us throughout 2021 and beyond. Feel free to let us know what you think through our social links and the Discord.

See you all next month!

Date posted: 25/12/2020