Welcome to the May Recap! As usual its been a busy month but here is just a peak of what we have been working on.


What more can be said about the most iconic helicopter and vehicle of the Vietnam War?

The PAVN’s armoured personnel carrier is getting ready to bring in the more elite forces to smash through hostile defensive lines.

A flat bottomed wooden boat that is used traditionally for fishing. You’ll be using this to transport your troops quietly and efficiently across the rivers and waterways of Vietnam. Stealthily dropping friendly forces to harass troops behind enemy lines is always a surefire way to victory.


One of the most infamous fighter-bombers of the USAF, this plane will be your trusted close air support when you have boots on the ground and bad guys in your face. Just make sure you mark your targets correctly.


Covered in the signature M60 belts of 7.62 ammunition, the US Machine-gunner will be your best chance to suppress the enemy.

Starting on the creation of our own unique heads.


OP: Masher continuing to still receiving love after a big overhaul of the river system and rice fields.

Khe Sanh has had an extreme overhaul when it comes to the landscape and lighting, from this point forward it will be the standard for all our maps.

Feel free to let us know what you think through our social links and the Discord.

See you all next month!!!

Date posted: 14/06/2021