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To begin the brief, we want to thank all of you for your excitement for Burning Lands. We’ve seen our Steam Wishlists grow exponentially over the last 5 weeks and we’re terribly proud to have so much excitement for the game. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can add Burning Lands to your wishlist now!

Kickstarter Tiers & Console Legacy Access

In today’s brief we’re proud to announce our Kickstarter Tier List, which details all of our perks and bonuses for those of you looking to financially support Burning Lands. Above all else, we know that many of you who own consoles have been asking about Burning Lands and if it will arrive on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X. We’re happy to confirm that with the proper funding, we intend to bring Burning Lands to console.

By supporting our Kickstarter, you will receive Console Legacy Access to the game. We will give you two copies for console, one for PlayStation 5 and one for Xbox Series S/X, as a gesture of our appreciation. If you’re only interested in purchasing the console version in the future, we recommend opting for our “Boot” Tier, as the console version of the game will be $49.95 USD on those systems. If you receive the keys but do not own a console, you can give them to a friend or sell them for some quick cash! It’s our aim to reward and show appreciation to those who help us reach our goals.

We’re thrilled to offer a variety of tiers for our Kickstarter campaign. Our pledges range from a basic tier that offers the satisfaction of supporting our project, to additional tiers that provide access to the game, exclusive in-game items, and multiple copies of the game for you and your friends. Each tier provides rewards and benefits to our backers, giving you the options that best suit your needs and interests.

Read on to learn more about the rewards and benefits available through our Kickstarter campaign.

All figures listed below are in USD (United States Dollars)

Which tier will you choose?

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Our Kickstarter stretch goals are exciting features and content that we will add to our project. Some of you will recognize your favorite requests on this list. By helping us reach these stretch goals, we’ll be able to these features in our game much, much sooner. In short, proper funding helps us give you all what you want faster. Make sure to tell your friends!

All figures listed below are in USD (United States Dollars)

Vehicles, Vehicles & More Vehicles!

Kickstarter excitement aside, we’re also showcasing our vast array of vehicles coming to Burning Lands. Our multiplayer game will bring players into the thick of the Vietnam War. You will need to utilize ground vehicles to aid in combat, as these are crucial assets for the team’s success.

Different types of vehicles spawn at different intervals, and losing them can result in significant consequences. To operate ground vehicles effectively, players must work in pairs, assuming different roles such as a Crewman, to maximize the vehicle’s potential. (Don’t forget to check out our previous Dev Brief on some of the roles in Burning Lands!)

In addition to ground vehicles, the game also features a range of helicopters that players can use to provide fire support and transport troops and supplies. However, operating these vehicles requires a Pilot role, with caution and situational awareness to the threat of enemy ground units. 

The game’s logistics system is also vital to vehicles. You will need to balance the amount of supplies and troops you bring to the battlefield.

Overall, Burning Lands: Vietnam will offer players a comprehensive and immersive experience of the Vietnam War. Every strategic decision can make a significant impact on the team’s success.

This video is showcasing the playable vehicles you can use as the US Army faction in Burning Lands Vietnam.

This video is showcasing the playable vehicles you can use as the PAVN faction in Burning Lands Vietnam.

Small Transports

The M151 and Gaz67 jeeps serve as small vehicles that can transport up to four players across the map quickly. However, in some instances, the M151 may have a mounted M60 machine gun, reducing the available seating to three players. These jeeps can be a useful tool for reconnaissance or quick insertion of troops in the battlefield.

A soldier exits an M151 Jeep

Large Transports

The M35 and ZIS-150 transport trucks serve as logistics vehicles that provide critical supplies to the team. 

These vehicles are special, as they can carry either troops, logistical supplies, or even both at the same time! The number of supplies the truck carries directly affects the number of troops that can ride in it. If the truck is carrying a lot of supplies, it will have less space for troops, and vice versa. Therefore, players need to make strategic decisions about how much supplies to bring and how many troops to transport at any given time. This balance between supplies and troops is critical to ensure the team’s success in the game.

A ZIS-150 carrying a full logistics load

Ground Combat Vehicles

In Burning Lands, players can utilize ground vehicles to aid in combat. These vehicles are important assets for the team, providing support and leading charges when necessary. 

Different types of vehicles spawn at different intervals and losing them can result in significant consequences for the team. To operate ground vehicles effectively, players must usually work in pairs, with one serving as the driver and the other as the gunner. In some cases, players may need to assume a specialized role, such as a Crewman.

As part of the Crewman role, you have access to light and heavy tanks. Your objective is to assist the infantry by coordinating with their squad leaders and using your tank to provide cover and suppress enemy forces. It’s generally better to keep a full crew of three to maximize your tank’s potential. Don’t underestimate the power of the tank’s machine gun as it can be just as deadly as the main gun!

A BTR-152 is the perfect armored transport for infantry

Several Type 59 tanks sweep the battlefield


The Huey helicopter has been widely adopted for its versatility in military operations. Its primary function is that of a transport aircraft, capable of slinging supplies. The Huey also has a second variant known as the Close Air Support (CAS) helicopter. Along with the Cobra attack chopper and the large Chinook transport helicopter, these air vehicles are critical assets in providing fire support and carrying troops, supplies, and even sling loading vehicles to specific locations or recovering them.

The Huey CAS chopper is designed for offensive operations and is armed with weapons systems to suppress enemy ground units. However, it can still transport troops at a reduced capacity and lacks the ability to sling load supplies. It is crucial to exercise caution and maintain situational awareness when operating these vehicles; RPGs and Anti-Air weapons exist around every corner!

It should also be noted that all helicopters require a pilot kit to fly, and that pilots are typically equipped with just a sidearm. This makes them vulnerable in combat situations. We encourage pilots to use proper communication and coordination between ground and other air units. These vehicles provide a significant advantage in maneuverability and tactical flexibility on the battlefield… when they work together.

Helicopters will be a transport staple for the USA

Amphibious Vehicles

Amphibious operations in Vietnam were complex and required careful coordination between ground, air, and naval forces. The use of vehicles like the PT76 and M113, as well as boats like the PBR boat and sampan, allowed forces to navigate the challenging terrain and gain a significant advantage over their enemies.

Speed down various rivers in a PBR boat

In the coming months, we plan to tease more exciting features and how they will shape the Burning Lands experience.

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Date posted: 05/05/2023