Welcome to our first recap of 2021.

The team has been slowly coming back from respective holidays and returning to complete some of the featured items you see below. As we head into February, the entire ZHI team is now operating at peak capacity and starting to burn through more of our goals for the year. As always, stay safe and watch this space as well as our socials for more updates and possible teasers for upcoming features.

Logistical assets.

Our M2 Browning Heavy Machine gun has received it’s first coat of paint, it’s looking almost ready for it’s first tour of duty.


The MiG-21, our primary air asset for the PAVN ground forces. Known to be fast and quite accurate against the USAF, it earned the nickname “Silver Swallow” from it’s pilots.


Our interior of the ZIS-150 truck, the PAVN logistics will be relying upon this for transporting troops to the frontline as well as supplies to keep them there.

Our Huey interior on show in all its glory this month.

The M35 Cargo Truck, known colloquially by US troops and even civilians as the “Deuce and a Half”. It is able to carry multiple tonnes of logistical equipment or an entire combat ready squad.


Khe Sanh, though this time we are moving away from the airport and into the villages surrounding the area.

An lao polishing up really well now and we have began expanding a few areas to greatly influence gameplay.

Feel free to let us know what you think through our social links and the Discord.

See you all next month!

Date posted: 05/02/2021