When will this be released?


Will there be a kickstarter?

Yes and hopefully in the coming months.

What is Burning Lands?

It’s a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter set in the Vietnam war era. It will be, what we coined an “accessible tactical simulation” (ATS) striking the best possible balance between realism and accessibility, to bring you an intense gaming experience and large-scale teamplay you have not seen before in this scenario.

How many developers are working on this game currently?

Over 20 developers

Does Burning Lands use OWI Core?

No, we are doing our own thing.

What features will there be?

We plan on having dismemberment, drivable boats, flyable helicopters, traps, sling loading and capturing some enemy assets, those are just to name a few.

Is there going to be flyable airplanes?

No, they will be a commander ability.

Is there gonna be modding support?

More than likely, no.

Is it gonna be an historically accurate Vietnam experience?

Location wise yes, we build our maps based on topographical maps from the US army from that time period, current satellite images and height data. With all that information we try to build something that looks accurate while making adjustments where required to benefit gameplay. This is not a history lesson, weapons and vehicles for a location may not be accurate to the period in time that battle was fought.

What vehicles and weapons will there be?

To name a few vehicles the Chinook, ZIS-150, M48 Tank, PT-76 and more! And weapon wise the RPD, Mosin, M60, FlameThrower and alot more!

What kinda flight model are you planning to make Arcade/semi realistic/simulation?

Semi-realistic, similar to RS2 to start with but eventually plan to keep expanding it to lite-sim quality. You could say “Physics based”

How large are the maps?

There will be maps featuring 4km², 16km² and 32km².

Player count?

We are aiming high.

Will there be urban combat?

Yes we plan on having a mixture of maps.

Planned factions?

USA and PAVN, Later on we’d love to do additional factions such as the AUS and the Vietcong.

Will there be destructible environments?

We’d like to do something in regards to tanks being able to drive through small fences and such

What engine is being used?

We are using Unreal Engine 4.

Where is it being released?

On Steam.

Will it release on consoles?

No, we will not release Burning Lands on any form of console. PC only.