When will this be released?

We are currently planning to launch our Kickstarter campaign this year, and backers will gain early access to the product. The release of the game in Early Access before the end of 2023 will depend on the amount of funding we receive through the campaign.

How will this be released?

Pre-Alpha: Game is in its initial stages. It is mostly incomplete and only does the bare minimum to qualify as the game it intends to be. In this stage, nothing is set in stone and a lot will change.
Alpha: Most of the core game features are there, but majority of content is missing.
Early Access: A more refined product that is optimized, has few bugs and most or all base game content/mechanics. The game is stable enough for more content to be added, since its base components are stable.
Full Release 1.0: The game’s full vision has come to life. Minimal bugs exist, the game is ready for content expansions or DLCs, and even porting to other platforms if desired.

Will there be a Kickstarter?

Yes there will be a Kickstarter campaign, what you’ll see in our Kickstarter is what we have been able to produce with no funding. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zerohourinteractive/burning-lands-vietnam

When can I play Burning Lands?

Burning Lands is in Pre-Alpha right now, access will be privately available to those who financially back the game through Kickstarter. Early Access will be publicly available to purchase through Steam at a later time.

What is Burning Lands?

Burning Lands: Vietnam is a tactical combined arms warfare game that emphasizes teamwork and coordination among players. The game features positional VOIP and special features that help players share situational awareness to increase cooperation. The 60-player teams are divided into squads, with each squad specializing in infantry, logistics, or armor. The Commander of each team is responsible for coordinating squad efforts and distributing resources in a way that best serves the team’s objectives.

Players within each squad have unique roles, including the Squad Leader, Medic, Combat Engineer, Machine Gunner, and Anti-Tank specialist. Each role contributes to the squad’s overall goal and resource preservation, which is critical to the team’s success.

Burning Lands: Vietnam is played on large-scale maps of varying sizes, featuring a diverse selection of land, water, and air vehicles that allow players to traverse the battlefield with ease. The game modes, dynamic spawning systems, and tactical resources used by teams ensure that no two rounds of Burning Lands: Vietnam feel the same. Players can expect to feel excited and refreshed with each new round of gameplay.

How to describe our gameplay?

Our game could be looked at as a mixture of both Squad and Hell let Loose in terms of scale, team and roles step ups, communication and teamwork. The only similarity to Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is the fact it’s set in the Vietnam War era. With that said we are attempting to do our own thing and not a copy paste of what’s been done before in just a different theatre.

How many developers are working on this game currently?

Around 20 developers, all of us involved with the project are doing this without receiving an income.

Does Burning Lands use OWI Core (the framework that Squad, Post Scriptum and Beyond the Wire are built on?

No, we are doing our own thing which means new audio, new VFX, none of that copy and paste stuff across multiple titles. Completely our own back end from the ground up.

What features will there be?

It will include several notable features such as dismemberment mechanics, the ability to pilot boats and helicopters, sling loading and capturing some enemy assets, swimming capabilities, as well as support for joystick and TrackIR input devices.

Are there going to be flyable planes?

No but they will be a commander call-in ability.

Is there gonna be modding support?

It is unlikely that we will entertain expansion efforts until we have achieved the 1.0 milestone. Our priority is to concentrate on perfecting the core game experience. Once this objective is met, we aim to provide a platform for creative individuals to develop and deploy their ideas, utilizing our project as a foundation

Is it gonna be an historically accurate Vietnam experience?

In terms of location, we rely on a combination of maps from the US Army during the relevant time period, reference photos and height data to construct our maps. Our aim is to create an environment that is visually authentic while also taking into account gameplay considerations by making necessary adjustments. It’s worth noting that while we strive for accuracy, the inclusion of weapons and vehicles in a given location may not necessarily reflect the period of the battle being depicted.

What vehicles will there be?

Some of the vehicles that players can expect to encounter include the Huey, Chinook, Cobra, ZIS-150, M48 Tank, PT-76, M113, GAZ, BTR-152, Sampan, M151, M35, PBR, Type59, and a variety of others.

What weapons will there be?

Among the weapons featured in the game are the M16, M230, M14, M21, 1911, AK47, Type56, AKM, SVD, RPD, Mosin, M60, Claymore, C4, Model77, M79, M72, TT33, RPG2, SKS, FlameThrower, and many others.

How will this compare to Rising Storm 2?

The primary similarities between the two games are fairly basic, such as their shared setting in Vietnam, the utilization of similar weapons, some overlapping named locations, and the fact that they are both first-person shooter games. One of the more notable areas of similarity is our flight mechanics system.

What kinda flight model are you planning to make Arcade/semi realistic/simulation?

Semi-realistic, similar to RS2 to start with but eventually plan to keep expanding it to lite-sim quality. You could say “Physics based”

How large are the maps?

There will be maps featuring 4km² and 16km²

How many maps and what will they be?

Players will have the opportunity to explore several notable locations including Khe Sanh, Dai Loc, Hue City, Ia Drang, Plain of Reeds, and OP Masher. Furthermore, the inclusion of additional factions will bring with it a host of new maps for players to experience.

Player count?

Our minimum goal is to accommodate 80 players, with our ideal target being 100. However, if feasible, we would like to expand this limit to 120 to accommodate players in vehicles

Will there be urban combat?

Yes, we will be developing Hue City.

Planned factions?

The initial release will feature the US Army and PAVN factions. As development progresses, we hope to introduce additional factions such as the Australian forces and the NLF, and if feasible, the US Marines.

Will there be destructible environments?

We are considering implementing a feature that would allow tanks and other heavy vehicles to drive through small fences and trees for added realism and improved gameplay experience.

What engine is being used?

We are using Unreal Engine 5. (5.1.1)

Where is it being released?

On Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1342400/Burning_Lands/

Will it be released on consoles?

The release of the game on consoles will depend on a variety of factors, including funding and public reception. At present, our primary focus is on achieving V1.0 on PC, and we cannot allocate resources to other platforms without sufficient funding. If the project is well-received and funding permits, we will expanding to console platforms in the future.

Is it multiplayer only? Campaign? Bots in match?

Multiplayer only.

Game types/modes?

Our game features several unique game modes, including Raid, Outpost, and Frontlines.