April has come and gone, time to update you good people in the Burning Lands-space about whats been happening behind the scenes!


The AH-1 showing of its main cockpit for the pilot this time around. Bet your all excited about crewing this with your mate flying around raining hell down on your enemies.

GAZ67a, the Soviet equivalent of the Willys Jeep finally getting its coat of paint.

The BTR-152 forms one of the backbones of the PAVN Infantry within their Armoured Regiments, able to taxi whole squads of troops to the front line and support them with it’s 12.7mm DShK or even the ZU-23-2 to provide more substantial firepower.


Need a medic? We have you covered, a jab with this will get you off the ground and back to the full health in no time.

Bleeding? No worries apply one of these but make seek out medical attention to make sure you get completely patched up to full fighting strength.

The M15 mine is a large circular United States anti tank blast mine.


First look at our PAVN Radioman, who will be your greatest resource to your squad and squad leader.


This is just the beginning of our 3 set modular collection, to allow a much more flexibility in creating a much more unique setting.

Feel free to let us know what you think through our social links and the Discord.

See you all next month!

Date posted: 12/05/2021