What is Burning Lands?

Burning Lands is a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter set in the Vietnam war era. It will be, what we coined an “accessible tactical simulation” (ATS) striking the best possible balance between realism and accessibility, to bring you an intense gaming experience and large-scale team play you have not seen before in this scenario.

Logo Policy

  • Please display our logos as they have been provided.
  • Use light and dark themed variations as appropriate for legibility.
  • Don’t use our branding in any way that would mislead or create errant associations.
  • Don’t alter the coloration, distort the aspect ratio, or crop the logo.
  • Use your best judgement!

For press inquiries, please contact us at admin@zerohourinteractive.com, or reach out on our official Discord.

Join our Team

We’re currently seeking developers for multiple different roles, those with strong UE4/UE5 experience should apply. If you’d like to join us and in building awesome experiences, for what positions are available please check here.

We look forward to hearing from you!